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All Exclusive Trips

Joey and Sandy were planning the Vacation get-a-way, and decided to use an all exclusive trip as a way to control expenses. They had made a wish list of tropical paradises to which they had always wanted to travel, but had never had time. Their schooling and jobs had taken priority in their lives for the last 10 years. Now, successfully ensconced in the business world, they were ready to get out of Dullsville and have for some fun and excitement. But they were still paying off their student loans and need to make sure that their money was spent carefully.

The first thing they did was to make a list of possible vacation hotspots. They wanted the usual things that a couple who travels on vacation usually wants. They wanted a pristine and sandy beach where that was not too busy and where the water was a sparkling clear blue. They liked diving and snorkeling, so they thought they would check out destinations that offered under water activities. Besides the water, they enjoyed dancing and looked forward to romantic nights since they had never even gotten to have a honeymoon when they were married.

Their short list comprised places in the Caribbean and Mexico. These were well known for their nightlife and beaches. The names included Aruba, Cancun, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Playa Muheres, Cozumel (Yucatan Peninsula) and Acapulco. Since they both spoke Spanish, it didn't' matter whether they ended up in the Dominican Republic or Mexico. Checking online, they noticed that there were many all inclusive vacations offered by an enumerable list of companies. The inclusive vacations offered packages that included combinations of amenities such as entertainment, meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, transportation, and hotel accommodations that were all free. But they realized that for their goals, these would add to the expense.

After a lot of debate, they decided on a place that was not originally on their list: Bimini. The name Bimini is originally from the Taino Indians who inhabited islands of the Caribbean. It is from the words Bibi (mother) + Mini (water). Joey and Sandy found that Bimini was located in the Bahamas and could be reached by airplane from Miami with just a short hop, being only 53 miles due east of Miami. Bimini offered the things they were really interested in, such as diving, snorkeling, and dancing. The thing about Bimini was that it wasn't a tourist hotspot, like all the others. It was known to be a quite and simple place, a place where even writer Ernest Hemingway stayed at the Complete Angler Hotel between 1935 and 1937.
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